Monday, March 17, 2008

Then the Gods said.... let there be errors...

Sooo.... the frame work went live on Thursday the 13th of march, and Errors started rolling in Friday the 14th. As we all know there are going to be errors, and as far as errors go, these aren't that bad. It turns out that two errors happen with my framework (that I know about) First, if you try to upload an avatar that is too big (so rather than 100 x 100, they put 200 x 200) then it throws an error. Also it would appear that if they do not specify a recipient during a private message then it throws an error. I am going to attempt to remedy this situation soon. After this, I am going to try to come up with some more creative error handling to be more specific when Errors are thrown. Then I am going to start planning out the visualizer then graduate and get a job.... Wow this is just moving a bit fast huh?


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