Tuesday, April 15, 2008

More Errors!!!!!

Soo... This always happens with upgrades, I go and create more error handling (as stated in previous post) and more errors happen (with more accuracy!!!). I just finished fixing a bunch of errors that were little one line things, like forgetting to set something to true etc.

Then there was one major issue that made my gmail cry like a little girl, something like 600+ emails in about 2 hours. thats about 300 emails in 1 hour, 150 in 30 minutes, 75 in fifteen, 32.5 in 7.5 minutes etc...

So here is what happened:

First, the version of Joomla that I had, had not gotten up to date recently. So I updated that and this fixed the problem when you had tried to create an initial account, and it through an error. This was also the cause for the error after you clicked the link in your email. This part was not my fault directly, I should have checked for an update, but other than that it was just a bug in their program.

Secondly, the error that caused all of the errors in my Email... I have written everything in a language called PHP. In PHP you can have variables, think of these as boxes that can hold things such as names, or numbers. You say $someVar = "hi"; This puts the word hi in the 'box' $someVar. What I did was say: $tempObj = "something"; print $temObj; This would throw an error in any other language cause the word $temObj had not been previously assigned, however PHP will not do this. Thus, It messed up.

However, everything works now, so yay!!


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